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Data Partner

A Data Partner is an owner or operator of a lodging property, providing its actual operating performance and financial position data to Hotelysis.

Hotelysis provides a free Positioning Check Report analyzed as compared to market data from HBI Dashboard, while using the data to improve performance of AI algorithms without providing to third parties.

The registration procedure for a Data Partner, upon submission of the business registration and the certificate of financial statements, is as follows.

① Application

Submit the application with business registration and financial statements

② List Property

List the property in the database with a code upon completing verification

③ Partnership

Enter into a partnership agreement with Hotelysis upon listing the property

④ Positioning Check

Hotelysis to provide a free Positioning Check Report for the listed property

A Data Partners can create projects to seek experts' assistance in solving outstanding issues of a lodging property.

The project is listed and managed at the Project Forum, without any restrictions on the types of projects to be listed. The project will be carried out by Advisory Partners in the Experts Pool, and Hotelysis manages the project. The procedure for listing and managing a project is as follows:

① List Project

Open the project to the Experts Pool upon approval of listing the project

② Commission

Commission to experts selected out of applicants at the Project Forum

③ Project Execution

Upon commission, enter into a tri-party agreement and execute the project

④ Project Completion

Wire transfer fees to Hotelysis upon confirmation of the project completion


Please contact us for any question regarding the data partner.


List a lodging property and apply for the data partner.