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Advisory Partner

An Advisory Partner is an investor or an advisor, trading professional experience and knowledge about the lodging industry at Hotelysis.

An Advisory Partner registered in the Experts Pool can view details of properties listed on Project AVE, and participate or propose a project at the Project Forum. An Advisory Partner will be compensated for participation in projects.

The registration procedure of an Advisory Partner, upon uploaing a resume or links to Remember profile or LinkedIn profile, is as follows.

① Application

Submit the application with a resume, Remember profile or LinkedIn profile

② Background Check

List the profile in the database with a code upon completing background check

③ Partnership

Enter into a partnership agreement with Hotelysis upon listing the profile

④ Experts Pool

Upon being listed in Experts Pool, obtain acccess to the Project Forum

An Advisory Partner can propose a project to solve issues of a lodging property to the owner or operator.

The proposal should be made through the Project Forum, without any restrictions on the types of projects to be proposed. The project will be listed by the owner or operator of the property, carried out privately, and managed by Hotelysis. The procedure for listing and managing a project is as follows:

① Project Proposal

Propose a project privately to the owner or operator of a listed property

② List Project

A private project will launch upon acceptance by the owner or operator

③ Project Execution

Upon commission, enter into a tri-party agreement and execute the project

④ Project Completion

Fees to be paid by Hotelysis upon confirmation of the project completion


Please contact us for any question regarding the advisory partner.


Register the profile and apply for the advisory partner.