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Why Partnership Program?

A lodging business produces and provides complicated products.

A lodging business provides various services, such as rooms, foods, beverages, conventions and leirure activities, based upon real estate assets. Each service is produced and distributed based upon a distinct distribution and cost structure. In other words, each service has a unique risk attribute, and ordinary problems in lodging businesses are caused by multiple components.

A lodging business works on a highly segmented value chain.

The value chain of lodging industry is composed of various layers, such as distribution, operation, asset management and financing, and operators, owners, investors and advisors handle layers of their specialty. In other words, the organic liaison among them is the key to make the value chain work, while dealing with its own timeline and cost of capital. Ordinary problems in lodging businesses are in the middle of different interests between them.

A lodging business needs help from multidisciplinary expertise.

A lodging business faces challenging risks on a daily basis as it provides complicated products produced through the highly segmented value chain. However, a single expert cannot define and handle all the risks of a lodging business alone. The partnership program of Hotelysis allows to define and solve problems of lodging businesses together with experts in various fields.

Data Partner

A Data Partner is an owner or operator of a lodging property, providing its actual operating performance and financial position data to Hotelysis, who can create projects to seek experts' assistance in solving outstanding issues of a lodging property.

Project Forum

Project Forum is a marketplace accessible after registration as a partner, where a Data Partner creates a project ro enhance productivity, efficiency, stability and liquidity of a lodging property, and Advisory Partners can participate.

Advisory Partner

An Advisory Partner is an investor or an advisor, trading professional experience and knowledge about the lodging industry at Hotelysis, and can propose a project to solve issues of a lodging property to the owner or operator.